Monday, 3 January 2011

The Big Issue

Courtesy of my lovely friend Daniel Cookney my book has featured in this month's Big Issue in the North of England!

Danny who has a wealth of journalism experience was kind enough to interview me and write a great piece on how the book 'Homeless Hands' came about.

As a designer this is great exposure, to have an article written about my final project gives me a great sense of achievement and hopefully will help get my work and name 'out there'.

As a volunteer this is a great opportunity to support the Mustard Tree charity and raises further awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness. The Big Issue is the perfect publication and source to reach those who would be interested in the topic. I hope along with the book, the article helps to challenge misconceptions of what it means to be homeless.

Thank you Danny! x

Mustard Tree Music Event

Mustard Tree held a music event recently. I was invited to to be the photographer. Steve Brookstein, the first winner of X Factor in 2004 was to perform as well as many other local musicians.

As I arrived I saw a face I recognised from the soup runs. My friend Chris. I have written about Chris a couple of times and I was delighted to see him at The Mustard Tree working as a chef.

He was very funny. Telling me he had been working all day in the kitchen, slaving away. It was really nice to see him being part of the team. He told me he had applied for the job all by himself and he had filled in the application form too.

I said well done.

and asked for a cup of coffee.

he made me one :)

Now that I have moved back to Belfast I feel happier knowing Chris is working in a safe place and I think Mustard Tree will be really good for him.

He asked Steve Brookstein for a pen and paper to give me his number. Brilliant.

The event was fantastic! The atmosphere was so warm with everyone singing along.

At the end of the evening Steve was given my book by the charity as a thank you.

I said, "I made that book!"

He asked for my autograph. Ha!

And like a child I scribbled To Steve Best Wishes Nicky

My first autograph :)

Although I'm in Belfast I want to make sure I keep in good contact with the charity and everyone involved. Every time I visit Manchester I still want to attend the soup run on a Friday night to see if there are anymore faces I recognise.