Monday, 1 November 2010

39) Hardcover Softcover

This is a sample of the book printed in a hardcover and a softcover from I took the samples to Mustard Tree Charity to discuss the quality of the books and to see if they were happy with the final outcome. Paul Wenham, the chief executive was very happy with them and decided to order a large batch 100/200 of the softcover book.

The plan is to send out the softcover in time for Christmas as a gift to encourage people to donate during the festive season. Inside the book will be an invitation to invite those to a small book launch in January where I will have the opportunity to tell people about my experience of making the book. There we probably sell the hardback book and soup run entries as a fundraising event and hopefully some media interest would help in raising awareness of the issues of homelessness.


  1. Nicky - this is great. Have you had it printed or have you re done it yourself with a hard back?

  2. Thanks guys! I have written explaining on the post above :)

  3. Fantastic Nicky, the book looks so good, and so professional, great photos! Well done you, a published author now :-). I am following your blog now, though I don't know if you are still going to be updating it now your course is finished? But a good read! xxx