Tuesday, 22 June 2010

7) Hidden Homeless

Research & Report

by Grant Shapps MP

Nov 07

Official Governement statistics dramatically underestimate the number of rough sleepers.

The number of people sleeping rough is nearly 3 times greater than admitted in official government figures.

The current system requires local authorities to provide a rough sleepers estimate between the bracket of 0 and 10. However the number is then automatically reduced to zero, thereby dramatcially underestimating the number of people sleeping rough each night.

Official Government statistics say that Manchester has just 7 rought sleepers, whereas, Lifeline a manchester based charity, has counted nearly 50 on a single night. 6times more than officially recognised.

In June 2007 a Manchester based charity, Lifeline conducted a survey of 100 injecting drug users in Manchester. Of those 100 they found that 8 in 10 were homeless and almost half would be sleeping rough that night.

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