Friday, 18 June 2010

3) Signing up to volunteer

I had my first meeting today with Janet from Mustard Tree who organises all the volunteers for the charity. She gave me a tour of the building which was very interesting. They had a warehouse full of furniture, beds, TVs, chairs, tables, etc all available for those in need to buy at a low price. In extreme cases one piece of furniture is given as a gift to help people get back on their feet. There are many services available such as art classes, sewing classes, Esol classes, help for pregnant ladies, clean clothes and many more.

There were a few computers and Janet said they would like to provide an ICT class to teach people basic computer skills, however, the main issue was they didn't have the funds to pay for a member of staff.

I was really happy with the organisation's work and decided to sign up for a soup run that night.


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