Sunday, 15 August 2010

34) Just Thinking

I have started realising I don't really switch off from thinking about the people I meet on the streets. Especially at night when I close my window because it's too cold and I get into my bed and listen to the rain outside. I just wonder where they are and can't imagine how they must be feeling.

To earn a little money I do waitressing, often at big parties and events. I realised that last week I served both millionaires and homeless people. Two social groups at completely different ends of the spectrum! I was serving the lords and ladies of Yorkshire and the ladies who work the streets.

I noticed that my manner was completely the same during the two different situations, "Hello, would you like a cup of tea?" "Can I get you anything else?" I spoke with the same tone, the same smile and with the same attitude.

I noticed that although the two parties of people visually appeared very different, they acted the same. They were both drunk, they were both looking for drugs and they were both showing off.

Albeit, they were showing off about different things.

At the millionaire's birthday party:

"Say Richard, didn't I see you in a very nice car yesterday?"
"Yaa, Henry, I don't really know much about cars, but it gets me from A to B."
"Oh yaa." They laugh.

I roll my eyes as I hold the name plate for their table.

At the soup run on Friday night:

" I'm cold now, because I'm only wearing a vest, but I don't care, I have a tent and a double layered sleeping bag! It is so warm, I slept right through till 6:00pm the other day, because I was so warm! It stayed up during the floods and everything! I have got a little gas canister too, I have it made!"

I said, "Really? Where is it?"

He replied, "Mancunian Way."

I thought to myself, I'm heading to V festival next week ... I havn't got a tent.

From serving the different people I personally thought the homeless people had a bit more class.

They said please and thank you.


  1. lol thanks Dave! You're very good at commenting :)

  2. It's interesting the way that we respond to people in these ways. I've interviewed a number of homeless people, really liked them, sympathised with them etc., and then I ask them if they have any political beliefs to which the usual reply is "don't like these immigrants, we're all BNP here". It annoys me somewhat because I can't help but feel less sympathetic towards someone who would dislike someone purely because of their ethnicity and its perceived characteristics. We could put it down to pure ignorance and make excuses for it - but I can't help but feel I've stepped back in time a few decades sometimes.

  3. Hi Gareth!

    That's an interesting point. I guess it comes down to people being greedy and selfish. A trait that many people are guilty of today.