Tuesday, 20 July 2010

30) Cornerstone Day Centre 3

Tuesday 20th July, today was pretty slow at the day centre. A few people did not want to be involved in the project. This morning I sat at a table with three men, all very different. One was very well read, reading a book on politics, technology and science. One was very intelligent and doing a crossword, and one was a Bob Dylan fan, reading a joke on the back of a penguin chocolate bar.


I told them about my project and the well read man showed me his hands. He said he had pulled off his finger nails when he was high.

Everyone at the table looked up in disgust and all I heard was, “aww John man, I’m trying to eat my penguin!”

It was very funny!

John left before I got to photograph his hands, so I hope I see him again.

Micheal / 28

Micheal is a fire juggler who performs at festivals.

He is currently squatting and spends most of his time in the park. He says he is currently protesting as builders threaten to bulldoze the park.

He says the park is the social area for those who can’t afford to go to pubs and everyone is welcome.

“I am fighting for freedom”

What do you think you are saying in this photograph of your hands?

“Just take me as I am”

Micheal invites me to the park. I decline.

Micheal asks for my number. I decline.

Joseph / 41

“I’m pretty happy at the moment. Meeting you two and chatting with you makes me feel confident. I was shy at school.

I would like to do some voluntary work, I’m not interested in money. Life is all about money, but it should be about love.

Meeting people has more value than money.”

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