Tuesday, 20 July 2010

27) Why Hands?

Hands are a form of nonverbal communication.

Body Language accounts for 65% of our communication.

Hands help people connect with an audience.

Hands signify 'begging', regarding homelessness, as well as 'giving a hand'

Hands reflect survival on the streets.

The condition of hands communicate human emotion. eg, bitten nails can signify worry and anxiety. Scars / tatoos / dirty / clean / gloves / gestures / props / touching the face / relationship with objects.

gestures: defensive / aggressive / open / gentle / closed

Time limit - photographing hands is less invasive and people are more willing to participate in the project. Having a deadline means there is a limit on the relationships I can build.

Hands reflect mood / tell a story / leave the rest to the imagination / a snippet of individual identity.

Trying to capture the natural hand position when people are talking helps communicate how they are feeling about what they are saying.

It's all about hands...

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